Wide Band Power Amplier

Product Name

20 W, 50 ÷ 1500MHz wide band Power Driver P/N : LS-ASS-005

General Description

This linear power amplifier has been designed to cover the 50 ÷ 1500 radio band offering a single, unsurpassed solution for high power amplifier designs. The amplifier is based on the latest generation of RFMD RF3931, 30W GaN wide band power amplifier, drive by RFMD SHF-0289 1W GaAs HFet.
A 8bit/64MHz microcontroller, acquire all working voltages, currents, and temperatures acting bias control, protection and monitoring function. All the working parameter are available through serial port supporting various kind of protocols.

Technical Specification Summary


Frequency Range 50 ÷ 1500MHz Working Class AB
Output Power (CW) @1dBcp > 20W Supply Voltage 48V ± 2V
Power Gain @1dBcp > 30dB Supply Current (max) < 1,2 Amp.
Input Return Loss > 10dB Temperature Range -20 to +45°C
Efficiency @1dBcp > TBD Output VSWR (no damage) < 3:1

Key Features

• Microcontroller based intelligent bias for temperature compensation
• Power input detection for fast over-driver input protection
• Power output / reflected wide band detection for fast VSWR output protection.
• Self test function at power start-up
• Over-temperature, Over-current, Over-voltage protection
• External TTL input for direct pulse modulation.
• Remote controlling and monitoring via multi-protocol UART/I2C/SPI serial interface
• Soft-start to minimize DC load transient

Product Picture