RF Power Meter


Product Name

True-RMS, High Power GSM VSWR Meter              P/N : LS-ASS-067

General Description

This unit realizes the “state of the art” in the detection and measurement of a Radio Frequency modulated signal in telephone GSM and EDGE (eight) band .
Being equipped with a double high directivity and power coupler, it can also accurately reveal which portion of the transmitted signal is reflected by the installation (or antenna), and through parametric algorithms, generate an eventual VSWR alarm.
The fundamental components used are the “Dual RMS Power Detector” HMC1030 of the “Analog Devices” and the “ARM” processor STM32F446 of the “ST Microelectronics”.
To simplify the using of this device an HMI was developed to program and remote control the unit through its Ethernet Interface. This HMI can be installed on every Personal Computer with a Windows Operating system.
In addition, the unit generates alarm signals via contacts (open / short) to the reference BCS line.
The unit can easily be programmed by the user, via a local USB interface, which can configure the various calculation parameters based on the characteristics of the installation to be controlled.
The unit can be powered by typical +48 Volts (supplementary BCS’s power supply) via D-SUB connector, or locally supplied via USB 2.0 port. It can easily be used also for UMTS and LTE telephone systems, with an easy reprogramming of the configuration parameters.
High quality dielectrics were used with very loss tangent and dielectric constant stability across wide temperatures. Body is made with aluminium CNC high precision enclosure with conductive gasket for the optimal EMI and environmental performance.

Technical Specification Summary

Frequency Range 800 ÷ 950MHz RF Impedance 50 Ω
Ins. Loss (RF line) < 0,2dB VSWR (RF line) < 1,12 : 1
RF Power (Avg) < 100Watts Dynamic Range 68dB
ADCs resolution 12BITs (0,02dBLSB) ADCs sampling 1,0Msps
Video Bw 0,9 ÷ 300KHz Nyquist Bw
1,8 ÷ 600KHz
+48V on D-SUB < 70mA (3,4W) +5V on USB 2.0
< 420mA (2,1W)
Operative Temp. range 0 ÷ 60°C  

Key Features

• Simultaneous ADCs sampling
• Programmable Video Resolution and Nyquist Bandwith
• Programmable Detection Level and VSWR Level
• Programmable parameters for VSWR alarm
• Programmable parameter for AUTO-Reset alarm
• Alarm generation for VSWR or FAIL-System events
• LEDs indicators for power supply, status and alarms
• SW CD for remote administration on “windows” application

Product Picture

Control Panel

Mechanical Specification