About us

Our founder, Leo Lepri has a nearly thirty-five experience in the design and engineering of microwave and radio circuits and systems. The system skills acquired as an officer of complement the Italian army in anti-aircraft weapons systems and technical courses at Contraves Spa have shown the way for our future activities.

He has contributed to the development of components and units, for a variety of electronic warfare systems in companies such as Selenia Spa, Alenia Spa and Elettronica Spa. He has improved his skills in the civil field, collaborating in the creation of microwave and millimeter wave wireless systems. in Urmet Sistemi Spa and Ericsson Spa.

With reference to the ability to design and manage workflows in producing and optimizing microwave systems, we can rely on the following key competences:

  • Ability to use analog design CAE tools and RF (Microwave Office, ADS, Libra, Spice, etc), or “custom” simulators, or by using mathematical analysis.

  • Ability to create, test and document both mechanically and electrically the units, with use of CAD tools (Autocad, Step, Orcad etc).

  • Excellent knowledge of microelectronics and integration technology issues, assessing for each project the use of different types of components, materials, resins, substrates, with attention to timing, cost and product’s reliability and reproducibility.

  • Excellent knowledge of documentation and workflows, in order to produce devices which are up to the asked high quality requirements.

  • Ability to control of expenditure, Budget management, planning of investment and development time (design-manufacture-test).

As a peculiarity for project needs, he gained experience in the design of “power amplifier”, both RF and microwave and millimetric. Both “narrowband” and “broadband”, from five Watts for millimetric wave ones to tre KWatts for “L” and “C” RADAR band. Furthermore, her experience is supplied with an excellent familiarity with the design of systems and control circuits, power and protection.

Our Office

In our office we have an environment dedicated to HW, FW and SW design and system documentation, a laboratory with a complete instrumentation necessary for the measurement and optimization and validation of the implemented circuits and systems.

Moreover we have a small cleaned room which is equipped for brazing and microwelding, and a small mechanical workshop for the easiest and most frequent manufacturing, especially during prototyping phase.